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Universal Pharma is an independent Partnership Company, specialised in the Manufacturing, from row materials to end Product Tab, Capsules, Soft Gelatin Cap and Ointment, Creams, and Gels and Injections. We will be shortly being the Manufacturing aerosols under G.M.P. Conditions (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Jayesh Mehta - CEO, Universal Pharma
Jayesh Mehta - CEO, Universal Pharma
We do this as contract manufacturer as as for our own registered products and for exports.
Our Strength is our customer-oriented flexibility, without affecting the quality.

In order to be able to guarantee our flexibility and simultaneously maintain a high quality level. All our products manufactured as per W.H.O.
GMP level Production of the Process Validation and the intrinsic capacity for producing high quality products in GMP environment.

All Contract manufacturing Facilities have quality control and assurances environment (QC.QA) where a well - equipped lab, besides a routine in process control systems, is an excellent instrument for maintaining a high quality level. For all the produced products, within the company there are facilities an hand for drawing up registration documents for the domestic market and abroad, A separate dept., For

Regulatory Affairs is presents. And this can rely an Laboratory to finalise the technical files.